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The Link & Lace Board and exercises are to be used once Step 2 has been completed. The Child now shifts onto a different apparatus, threading laces instead of pushing pegs into a pegboard. After developing the correct handwriting grip and building the wrist and arm strength, the child will now be using an applicator like a pen which specifically strengthens the fingers. This board also has a 10x10 grid with 10 colours (laces) the same as the Giant Pegboard (pegs), so all of our pegboard patterns can be mimicked onto this board (transferring our learning and challenging the understanding). The patterns included in this step develop on what has been learnt on the pegboard, linking the lines and shapes into continuous patterns which emulate the flow of handwriting. Like the Linking Pegboards, the Link & Lace Boards can be joined together from all sides for both individual and group activities.


Box Contains:

  • 16 x Link and Lace Boards
  • 160 x Laces 
  • 24 x Triangular Link & Lace Applicators 


  • 1 x Pegs to Paper Set 3 Workcards


SKU: P2P2003


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Pegs to Paper Set 3

SKU: P2P2003